Diagnostics Check

AVC technicians use diagnostic tools to identify the source of problems and are then able to make the necessary adjustments and repairs. The duties of a light vehicle diagnostic technician may include: Diagnosing the cause of a problem Repairing the problem in line with manufacturers’ standards Repairing and replacing vehicle components Testing existing and repaired systems Checking for problems in newer vehicles with testing equipment connected to the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU)

When warning lights flash on your dashboard it is easy to ignore or panic. With our experienced technicians, we are always at hand to help you understand and identify the engine issues through a diagnostic check.

We will identify potential problems and recommend a solution to resolve the issues. We have the latest equipment to deal with most makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles. We do not guess what the issues are, we diligently test and identify so that we can get you safely on the road motoring.

We have specialized and invested in all aspects of vehicle diagnostics and electrical fault finding. We carry all the latest equipment and have the most up to date software from all the major manufacturers.



We have our own qualified auto electrician on the staff and all the advanced testing equipment at our disposal.

We offer a "set price" service to allow you to budget for the required repairs or time to diagnose any potential issues your vehicle has.

We have built up a wealth of knowledge to enable a swift and accurate diagnosis for your issues. We enjoy taking on the vehicles with theses issues and our experience has brought us a reputation for delivering a quality service.



Engine Management petrol & diesel

Steering and suspension systems

Airbag and SRS Systems

Body control, lights, windows and lock