Clutch Replacement

Our fully qualified technicians can fit quality clutches to most makes of car, and all parts are guaranteed. If your car needs a new clutch, then you can count on us at AVC to replace and fit new clutches to the highest possible standards.
Our qualified technicians will repair a plethora of clutch problems such as slipping, clattering, sticking pedal and other common clutch problems.

No clutch will last forever and it is essential that you ensure your clutch is in good working order.  As the miles accumulate on your vehicle, the facings on your clutch disc will wear away gradually which will make your car less safe over time.

Most clutches generate heat and friction during general use which will lead to the clutch pressure plate and flywheel becoming cracked, scored, worn, or warped.

Additionally, a clutch that is in good working order can be ruined by common factors like oil contamination. Another detrimental factor on clutches includes the failure of cable or hydraulic linkage. Worn-out release bearings, pilot bearing, brushing or fork will also prevent your clutch from being in perfect working order.

This is only a short summary of common clutch afflictions and there are many other factors that will prevent your clutch from working properly. By choosing AVC Motors, you can be assured that our team will provide a fast but efficient service for your vehicle.

Clutch Replacement Oxford

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